Tuesday, September 8, 2009



i'm the new blogger,just want to introduce a little bit about myself,

hope that we all(blogger) can have relationship that base on "ukhuwah islamiah",

hope all of you guys help me as i'm still not expert with this kind of technology.

my name is mohd khairul akmal bin radin ismail,i'm 20 years old,my origin is from tumpat,kelantan.specifically i'm the villagers of kampung geting.

i got my early education at Pasti nearby my home,then go the primary school,sek keb geting (2).after finished up untill grade6 i continue my study to secondary school, sek men keb agama falahiah.then i have a chance to go the next level(higher education) to continue at international islamic university malaysia(iium).now i'm doing my bachelor in mathematical science(BMathSc),i still have four years to finish-up my study course,soo long to me...

then,let's share our knowledge about something that's interesting including experience,political-issues,environment,global world,etc...

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  1. amboi kema....banyak nye cite. Ni mesti copy n paste hahah. ade lesen L je, xleh banyak2.hahha