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this structure is called bovine drypsin with MAP triangle B3C. the molecular description is classified as Hydrolase and the structure white weight is 23937.92 ,the structure is cationic trypsin. molecule that the polimer is 1, chain is A and type is polypeptide(L). Bos Taurus is the scientific name for the structure and the common name are Bovine,Cow,domestic cattle or domestic Cow. This structure related to many other structure for instance:
1)3E3D-structure of hen egg lysozyme with magic triangle 13C
2)3E3S-structure of thaumatin with the magic triangle 13C
3)3E3T-structure of porcine pancreatic elastaste with magic triangle 13C
4)3GT3-structure of proteinese K with the MAD triangle B3C
5)3GT4-structure of proteinase K with the magic triangle I3C

For the Legend Chemical component:
2)BRV:5-amino-2,4,6-tribomobenzene-1,3-dicarb oxylic acid
3)CA:calcium ion
4)CL:chloride ion

The Crystal Structure of the Double-headed Arrowhead Protease Inhibator A in complex with two Trypsins

The molecular description of this structure is classified as Hydrolase Inhibator/Hydrolase,the structure weight is 68656.48.The structure's molecule is Serine Proteinase inhibator A,polymer-1,chain=C,type=polypeptide(L),fragment=BETA-TREFOIL FOLD and cationic trypsis molecule.Sagittaria Sagittifolia is the scientific name but the common name is arrowhead.
The Ligand chemical component:
1)ACT-acetate ion
2)CA-calcium ion
5)NA-sodium ion
7)sulfate ion

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